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How to Log in to cPanel from WHM, find the direct cPanel logins and change the cPanel password

NOTE 1: This is for clients on Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server products only. If you're on a Personal, Business or Professional hosting plan click here for a guide on logging in to cPanel.
NOTE 2: cPanel and FTP username/password are the Same. For FTP, make sure to use Port 21, connection type as FTP and Encryption as Plain FTP (No Encryption)

Step 1 - Log into WHM then Search for and click on the List Accounts option

Step 2 - Click on the orange cP icon to access cPanel

To log into cPanel directly you can use either the IP address or the domain name, at least one of the following links will work depending on how the domain's DNS is set up (replace "yourdomain" with your domain name" and similarly for the IP):


The login details will be the Username listed in WHM and the password would be one that you can click the + sign next to the account in WHM and change the password: