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Note 1: This procedure restores all emails that were on the server for that email account at the specific time of the backup point's date.
This won't affect or delete any other emails currently on the account.

Note 2: If you had set up your email account on a device as POP, the emails may have been downloaded onto your device and deleted from the server (as that's how POP normally works) in the time between 2 download points, meaning the emails may not have been backed up.

Step 1 - Log into cPanel

Step 2 - Click on the R1Soft Restore Backups icon

Step 3 - Click on the orange folder icon to the right of the restore point you want to restore from

Step 4 - Double click on Home

Step 5 - Double click on mail

Step 6 - Double click on the domain name listed (should only show your primary domain)

Step 7 - Tick the box for the user/email account you want to be restored and hit Restore Selected

Step 8 - Click Restore to confirm you want the restore to begin

Step 9 - Once the restore is complete, you'll see a screen that looks like this

If your email account is set up on an email program like your phone or Outlook, either hit the Send/Receive all emails menu (most email clients should have a similar option) or wait a few minutes as some email clients are on a 15min timer where they check for new emails automatically.