How to update PHP values in WHM

This guide is for older WHM VPS and Dedicated Servers only. Before using this guide, click here for a guide on using MultiPHP to change PHP versions. If that tool is not present, you can submit a support ticket through and we can investigate updating the server for you. The updated tool will also let you use PHP7+.

Note: If your server has CloudLinux, this will set the Global Maximum PHP Values for the server. PHP levels may be lower on individual cPanel accounts, however this can be changed from cPanel > Select PHP Version. Click here for a guide.

Step 1 - Log into WHM and Find the PHP Configuration Editor.


Step 2 - Update the PHP settings to your desired values. If the value you're looking for isn't here, click on the Advanced Mode button up the top. You will be able to manually scroll through all the PHP settings and change the value as needed.


Step 3 - Click Save once done.


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