Create MySQL Database using the Database Wizard

Step 1 - Log into cPanel and open the MySQL Database Wizard.


Step 2 - Name your database and hit Next Step. Your database's name will always start with cpanelusername_


Step 3 - Create a user for the database. Again, this will start with cpanelusername_

For the Password we recommend using the password generator which will make a password that's hard to crack. Make sure you copy the password and username somewhere safe on your computer.


Step 4 - Select the user's privileges and add the user to that database. If this is the main user for this database you will want to select All Privileges.


Step 5 - All done! If you need to add another database or user, there are options on this page to do so easily. If you'd like to change a database user's password in future, check out our tutorial here.


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