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Email Setup for iPhone / iPad

Before you start:
A) Make sure you have the correct email settings for your account. You can find these here.
B) If you don't have the email password, you can reset it here.

Step 1 - Click on Settings.


Step 2 - Click on Accounts and Passwords.


Step 3 - click on Add Account.


Step 4 - Select Other.


Step 5 - Select Add Mail Account.


Step 6 - Add your personal details.


Step 7 - Add your mail settings. Click Next to complete the setup.
NOTE: The User Name and Password for Outgoing Mail Server are NOT optional and must be entered.

Step 8 -
Test the email account by sending an email from / to your email address (e.g. from john@yourdomain.net.au to john@yourdomain.net.au). If this device can receive mail, the incoming server settings are correct. If the device can send mail, the outgoing server settings are correct as well.