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How to access cPanel

How To Access cPanel For Personal, Business and Premium Hosting

Step 1 - Log in to https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au and click on SERVICES.


Step 2 - Click MANAGE


Step 3 - Click View cPanel Details


Step 4 - You will find your cPanel details here. Note down the Server Host Name and enter into your url ServerHostName followed by /cpanel.

For example, if your server is listed as vmcp99.digitalpacific.com.au, then you will use vmcp99.digitalpacific.com.au/cpanel.

Step 5 - You will now see your cPanel login screen, use the details specified above to login to your cPanel.


How To Access cPanel For Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers

Step 1 - Search for and click on List Accounts

Step 2 - Click on the orange cP icon to access cPanel