How to log into Wordpress from your Plesk Hosting

This guide assumes you're logging into Wordpress from Plesk (Wordpress Hosting). You can log in manually by navigating to, replacing '' with your domain name. You can then enter your Wordpress username and password.

Step 1 - Log into Plesk.

Step 2 - Navigate to the Websites and Domains tab and select Log in.


This should allow you to log into Wordpress. If it does not, you can use these alternate steps:

Step 3 - Navigate to the Wordpress tab, then select Log In under Information and Tools >> Administrator.


Step 4 - You should be redirected to the Wordpress login page. If you get the below error, continue with these additional steps.


Step 5 - Select Setup on the right of the Log in button.


Step 6 - Re-enter your Wordpress Admin password, or generate a new password here. Select Change once done.


Step 7 - As before, select Log in and you will be automatically logged into Wordpress.


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