How to Add / Edit / Remove Users in Office 365

Step 1 - Log into your Office 365 Management Area

Step 2 - Click on Users, then Active Users.

Create new user

Step 1 - Click Add a user.


Step 2 - Fill in the name and email address, then select Next. We'd recommend sending the password to the user's primary email address as well as to your own.


Step 3 - Assign the appropriate Office 365 License, then click Next.
Note: If you don't have any licenses available, you can still add a user and buy additional licenses later.


Step 4 - Decide whether you'd like this user to have administrator privileges, and add any relevant profile information. Click Next once done.


Step 5 - Review information and click Finish adding.


Step 6 - Click Close.


For more information, you can find Microsoft's guide on this process here.

Edit existing User

Step 1 - Click on the Display Name of the User in question.


Step 2 - Click the blue Manage link next to the information that needs to be updated.


For more information on updating a username or email address, you can view Microsoft's guide.

Delete user

Step 1 -
Select the checkbox next to the user in question, then click Delete user.


Step 2 - Select Delete user.


Step 3 - Select Close.


For more information, you can find Microsoft's guide on this process here.

For more information and tutorials on Office 365, see our Getting Started guide.

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