How to log into Plesk Hosting

Accessing your Plesk account gives you access to a variety of tools to help manage your website and email hosting, and can be done in several ways.

How To Access Plesk directly

Before you start: After purchasing your hosting account, you will receive an email containing your login details - if you do not have the email, please contact our support team, or log in through your Client Area instead.

Step 1
- Find your Plesk Control Panel URL.

If your domain is currently live, you can use the following example, replacing '' with your domain or the server name:

If not, you can log into your Client Area > Services > Your WordPress Hosting Product > Server. Replace vmplXX with the server number you are hosted on.

Step 2
- Type the Plesk Control Panel URL into your browser address bar, and tap Enter on your keyboard.


Step 3 - You will now see your Plesk login screen. Enter your Plesk username and password then click Log In.


How To Access Plesk through the Client Area

Step 1 - Log into your Client Area here.

Step 2 - Navigate to Active Services.


Step 3 - Click on the gear icon next to your Plesk plan, then click View Details.


Step 4 - Click on the Login to Plesk button in middle of the page.


You should now be logged into your Plesk Account - if you have any troubles, please contact our support team.

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