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How can I check my domain's DNS records?

Checking your domain's DNS records is easy. Just go to ozdns.com.au - type your domain in and hit Report.


The 3 main DNS records are:

This tells you where your domain is managed. For example, if your nameserver shows ns1.digitalpacific.com.au it means your domain's DNS settings are managed through us.

MX Record
This tells you where your email is hosted. Our email servers are listed as mx01.mailcluster.com.au (and mx02). Other common MX records are ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. (Google's email servers) and *.outlook.com (Microsoft's Office365 managed email). You may have up to 5 MX records, however, all will point to the same servers.

A Record
This lets you know the IP address of the server that your website is hosted on.