How to Create (and delete) a Temporary Web Page or Landing Page in cPanel with Site Publisher

The cPanel site publisher can easily create a temporary landing site that's useful while you're building your main site. As this is a simple .html file, if your site is built using PHP or a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, etc (which all use PHP) you can have the files both your main site and the temporary website sit along each other without any negative effect.

How to Create a Temporary Web Page or Landing Page

Step 1 - Log into cPanel and click on the Site Publisher link.


Note: If you don't see the icon, look for the Switch Theme option in the top or bottom left and change the theme to paper_lantern.


Step 2 - If you have multiple domains or subdomains, select the one you want to make the website for.


Step 3 - Select the Template you want to use.


Step 4 - Take note of each of the below options:


1 - Title: This will be what appears in the top of the browser on the Window or tab

2 - Description: This is what will appear on the actual web page

3 - Email Address: Your email address as it will appear on the web page

4 - Google Analytics Tracker ID: If you use Google Analytics to track your website you can insert your tracker ID here

5 - Publish: Once your site is ready, hit the publish button.

Warning: If you see the warning message in the above image, there are already website files in the domain's root folder. You can use the cPanel File Manager ( click here for a guide) to see what files are in the public_html folder or the domain/subdomain's root folder. As long as there is no index.html file (most sites these days use index.php instead which is safe here) then you can safely ignore this warning.
If you believe a file did get overwritten, our Personal, Business, Reseller and Managed VPS plans have automated backups for the past 7 days. Click here for a guide on restoring a backup from our Personal, Business and Reseller hosting plans. If you have a Managed VPS send through a support ticket or call us on 1300 694 678 so we can assist you.

Once you hit Publish the site should be visible right away (as long as your domain is currently pointed to our server).

How To Delete or Disable the Site Publisher page

Step 1 -
Log into cPanel (click here for a guide) and click on the File Manager icon


Step 2 - Find the index.html file in the domain's root folder (normally the public_html folder for your main domain, but subdomains and addon domains will have their own root folder).


Step 3 - Right click (ctrl+click on a Mac) on the index.html file. Here you have 2 relevant options


Rename - If you want to keep a copy of the Site Publisher site just Rename the file to index.html.disabled. If you want to reinstate the page, follow the above steps and rename the file back to index.html.

Delete - If you don't care about keeping a backup of this page. just select the Delete option.

Once you do either of these, the web page you made in site publisher will be removed from public view.

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