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How to Set Up Spam Filtering (Spam Assassin)

Note: This guide is designed for VPS and Dedicated servers. Our Personal, Business, Professional and Reseller hosting plans include Spam Experts. Click here for a guide on using Spam Experts to filter your mail.

Step 1 - Log into cPanel and click on Spam Filters.


Step 2 - Turn on "Process New Emails". When turned on, email detected as spam will still come through to the inbox, but will have [SPAM] added to the front of the email's title. 5 is the default value for this threshold.


Step 3 - (Optional) To have Spam automatically deleted, click on the Automatically Delete New Spam option. You can Configure Auto-Delete settings to set the threshold at which suspected spam will be deleted. 10 is the default value for this threshold.


Step 4 - Navigate to Email Filters.


Step 5 - Select Manage Filters.


Step 6 - Select Create a New Filter.


Step 6 - Add an email filter using the settings in the picture below, then select Save. This will direct all emails with a Spam score of 5 or higher into a separate Spam Folder.


You can also Whitelist or Blacklist email accounts here. If you're not receiving expected emails, or you have high priority clients, you may want to Whitelist them. You can blacklist any emails you want to block.

To access this menu, click on Show Additional Configurations.


Click on either the Whitelist or Blacklist option.


To add a new item to the list:
(1) Click on + Add A New.
(2) Add in the email you want to Whitelist/Blacklist.
(3) Click Update.


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