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What's The Difference Between Paid and Free SSL

The main reasons you may want to pay for a SSL certificate, rather than use our free SSLs (provided by Let's Encrypt) are:

1 - Paid SSL certificates can be valid for up to 2yrs (compared to 3 months for free).

2 - EV SSL certificates are business validated which makes the SSL more trustworthy for businesses.

3 - A paid SSL has warranty (up to $20M for the more expensive certificates) so it may be possible to file a claim if the SSL is broken by hackers. Free certificates come with no warranty.

The complete list of differences are:

Paid SSL (Rapid SSL and Others)
Free SSL
Warranty Yes (Up to $20M)
Support Provided
Yes (partial, no guarantee)
SSL Length 1-2 Yrs
3 months
Automatic Renewal No
Personal Validation Yes Yes
Business Validation Yes (on EV Certificates)