SSL Guides

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide a visual indicator of a padlock in the address bar, which shows that your website is legitimate and secure. Our SSL FAQ page can be found here.

Which SSL do I need?
Read our guide here on the differences between types of SSLs.

SSL Installation Guides

Free SSL guides:

How to install a free SSL on cPanel or Plesk
How to exclude domains from AutoSSL checks
How to enable free SSLs on Reseller Hosting

Guides for RapidSSL, QuickSSL, True BusinessID
, WildCard, MultiDomain, and EV SSL Certificates:
How to order an SSL Certificate
How to automatically install certificates using AutoInstall SSL

Other useful information:
How to manually install our certificates on external hosting
How to manually install any SSL certificate on cPanel or Plesk
How to Reissue or Reinstall SSL Certificates
How to remove SSL Certificates in cPanel or Plesk
How to generate a CSR on cPanel or Plesk
Find details needed for an EV SSL activation.

Forcing the use of a valid SSL Certificate

General guide on forcing HTTPS / SSL
Guide on forcing SSL in Wordpress
Guide on forcing SSL in Joomla

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