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How to order and install a Rapid SSL Certificate

Note: Installing an SSL certificate is not all that's needed to have it active. There are some additional steps you may need to do.

To force your site to use https/SSL click here for a guide
To enable SSL in WordPress click here for a guide

How to order a Rapid SSL Certificate

Step 1
- Log in to https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au then click on ORDER A SERVICE.


Step 2 - Click on IPs - SSL Certificates

Then click on FROM $4.08 P/M

Check whether you want the certificate for 1, 2 or 3yrs then click CHECKOUT and complete the order to purchase the certificate

How to Install a Rapid SSL Certificate
Step 1 - You will receive an email titled: Your SSL Certificate - Installation Instructions. Keep this open and take note of the Token

Step 2 - Log in to cPanel (click here for a guide) and click on AutoInstall SSL

Step 3 - Paste the token from the email and click Verify Token

Step 4 - (1) Select your Domain. You can choose the primary domain, a subdomain or an addon domain to add the SSL to. You cannot add an SSL to an Alias/Parked domain. (2) Also, make sure that the 2 check boxes are enabled

Now add your personal details. Make sure there are no spaces either to the left or right of each field. Click Submit once you're done.

Your SSL should now be installed and ready to go!

Occasionally, you may get this error. If you do, wait 30 minutes and click on the Click Here button.

If that fails, you may need to wait 1hr and complete steps 2-4 again. Some SSL orders are randomly chosen to go through a manual verification process for security purposes, and this is the reason for this issue. In this case, the only option is to wait.

Should you run into any problems after this, feel free to submit a support ticket through https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au so we can look into this for you.