How to Cancel a Service or Domain

If you wish to cancel your service with Digital Pacific, please expand the respective product.

No additional costs are associated with cancelling services, and you are free to cancel at any time. However, please note that our hosting services are non-refundable unless within the money-back guarantee period. You can find more information on our money-back guarantee here.

If you wish to revert a cancellation request at any time, please speak to our Accounts and Billing team. They can be contacted by ticket or phone during business hours.

How to cancel a Hosting Service, VPS, Dedicated server or SSL Certificate

WARNING: Deleting a hosting service will bring down everything that relies on that service, including email and hosting for addon and parked domains in cPanel. Make sure to download a backup of your cPanel account(s) before cancelling a hosting service. Click here for a guide on how to do this.

Step 1
- Log into your Client Area then click on Services.


You can alternatively click on Services then My Services on the left hand side of the screen.


Step 2 - Click on Options then View Details for the service you wish to cancel.


Step 3 - Click Request Cancellation.


Step 4 -
(1) Select the main reason for cancelling. More details can be given if necessary.
(2) Choose whether the cancellation should come into effect immediately or at the end of the billing period.
(3) Select Request Cancellation.


After the cancellation request has been placed, you will get a email confirming the request has been accepted. You will also see a banner across the top of the summary page for the service in question.


How to cancel a Domain
Note: Once a domain is registered, it cannot be cancelled immediately. You can stop it from being renewed automatically and allow it to expire.

To do so, view our guide on How to disable Domain auto-renewal.

When Auto Renew is disabled, an invoice will not be automatically generated for your domain. You will still get automated emails from the registrar advising you that the domain is coming up for expiry, and you will still be able to manually renew the domain.

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