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How to Have Us Migrate / Transfer Your Website or Email from Your Old Host

Have Us Migrate / Transfer Your Website
NOTE: If you're unsure weather your old host used cPanel or another service, rather than following this guide, submit a support request from https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au with the details you have and we'll process it manually for you.

Step 1 - Log in to https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au.

Step 2 - Click on ORDER A SERVICE.


Step 3 - Select Other


Step 4 - Choose either a cPanel to cPanel or Non-cPanel Account Migration


Step 5 - Add your details and click CHECKOUT. A support ticket will automatically be created so our support staff can check the details to make sure they work, and then they'll book the migration and send you an email with the details


Have Us Migrate / Transfer Your Email
If you're transfering all emails from a cPanel account to a new one, follow the "Have Us Migrate / Transfer Your Website" guide instead", as we can just migrate the whole cPanel account as one item which is a easier and less expensive than migrating emails manually

NOTE: Email Migrations are charged at $150 for the first 2 email accounts and $10 for any additional email accounts. We perform the migrations after 8PM and run the process 3 times over throughout the night to ensure no emails are missed

Step 1 - Log in to https://billing.digitalpacific.com.au and submit a support ticket. In the ticket we need the following information for each email address you want migrated.

Email Account:
Email Password:
Email Username:
Server Settings:

For Example:

Email Account: john@yourdomain.net.au
Email Password: shdj0234j2%DS
Email Username: john@yourdomain.net.au
Server Settings:

Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.net.au
Incoming Server Port: 993
Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.net.au
Outgoing Server Port: 465

Once we receive the ticket, we'll respond within a few hours and book the migration in.