A List Of Our WordPress Guides

Please note that the information in these guides are provided as a suggestion, and we can't provide detailed support for
modifications to a Content Management System. If you require assistance, we'd recommend speaking to your website developer to ensure relevance and
compatibility with your site.

Basic Wordpress Functionality

How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous

How To Uninstall / Remove Wordpress from Softaculous

How to Update WP, Plugins and Themes

Reset Username/Password (even if you've forgotten your username or email)

How to Delete a User

Troubleshooting guides

Website Troubleshooting guide

How to Enable debugging

Fix 500 or White Screen Error

Fix Error establishing a Database Connection

Speed and security guides

Security Guide

Speed Up Guide

Litespeed Cache Install Guide

How to Install WP Super Cache

How To Clear the Cache

Development guides

Enable and force SSL

Install CAPTCHA (Google reCAPTCHA)

How to find the MySQL Database details

How to Update the Main Domain / Primary URL

Reinstall WordPress Core Files

How To Create a Test / Staging Site using Softaculous

How to create a Wordpress staging sub-domain on cPanel

Move Site from a Staging/Test domain to Live in cPanel

How to create a Wordpress staging sub-domain on Plesk

For more tutorials on website development and Content Management System troubleshooting, view our List of CMS Guides.

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